The Penitent’s Tale

Author: Verney Maulold
Released In:

By Initiate Verney Maulold

For the transgressions I have made against the Lord of Flood and Fire, I make an account of my current predicament in the hopes that it will lessen my torment.

My wrongdoings are as follows.

Firstly, the blazes I set in motion were few and far between.

Secondly, I attempted to anticipate my Lord’s needs.

Thirdly, the destruction I manifested in Mehrunes Dagon’s name did not exceed what would have been caused had I followed the path of another Daedric Prince.

For these failings, my life was put to an end and my sufferings confirmed. For my lack of fires, I am surrounded by their heat. For my hubris in attempting to anticipate my Lord’s wishes, his rightful acolytes anticipate my need for pain and exact it upon me whenever they wish. For my lack of destructive tendencies, I am destroyed.

All these specific torments aside, my Lord’s realm is vast and the very ground scorches my feet. There is no place to rest when every denizen delights in my pain. The only reprieve I have is when they grow weary of my screams and move on to another victim. The other damned are convinced a hero will come to their rescue, some particularly brave family member or sell-sword convinced to trespass into the Deadlands. I have no such delusions. I no longer think I have my Lord’s favor, but I know I have achieved the attention of his ire. I have failed my Lord Dagon for the entirety of the time I was in his service. He will not let me leave.”

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