Enthoras’ Journal

Author: Enthoras
Released In:

—Shipping any non-standard goods through Haven was a nightmare prior to the attacks, it's even more of a mess now.
—Attempts to secure a friendly contact in Redfur thus far unsuccessful, will need to increase the "donation" being offered to rectify this to prevent additional loss of shipments.
—Need to prepare another shipment of wood for Karthdar (Note to self: Verify there are NO saw marks this time, they will stop trading completely if they think the wood wasn't naturally discovered on the ground).
—Purchase another order of tin from Barkbite Stronghold when it's available. They think it's useless as they can't make weapons from it but I have a contact who uses it to make high quality bronze and pays top coin.
—Given the turmoil in Elden Root, I should prepare for both possibilities of celebrations as well as days of mourning. I shall purchase 100 lengths of black cloth and several dozen colorful banners.
—Look into delicacies for Altmer. Between the royalty at Elden Root and the visiting Carnival, they will want a taste of home and will pay handsomely for it.
—Do not forget to pay off the bandits again. Having them leave my shipments alone while attacking everyone else's increases profit margins over 50%.
—Rumor: There are still mining supplies left in Goldfolly, unused and only marginally weathered. Look into contracting some cheap adventurers to go in there and get what they can. Do NOT mention the vampires.

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