Anonymous Torn Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

strange piece of the floor, here, one that I can’t seem to puzzle out. I cannot but think there’s something more to this shrine than this simple chamber. I wish I had the gold to hire someone from the Mages Guild, but that ship has sailed. (Thanks, Arving.)

Making camp for now. These cats love their moons. Maybe something will show up overnight.

DAY 18

Nothing overnight, but I found a scorpion in my boot when I woke up. Never pass up a free meal (Julo was rightÐthe poison’s rendered out if you stick it in a cook fire for a moment).

Was scouting the cliffs near the ruin when I found it. Wind was coming through a crack in the cliff face. Managed to widen it enough to get through. It was a long climb down.

Looks like patience paid off. I’m in.

DAY 19

Strange place. Temple? Not sure. Floor’s stained Ð old blood. I’m sure of it. Thought I found some old death-cult site. But starting to look like signs of trouble. Good news is, seems like it was a long, long time ago.

Getting stranger. Found bones, unsurprisingly. But there are other bodies, too. The flesh was like wood. Skin like lacquer. Sitting and standing in meditation poses. Must be some funeral rite. Spooky though.

DAY 20

Barely any sleep, last night. Everything echoes in here. All sorts of scuffling in the night. Rats, probably.

The light plays tricks in here. I swear one of those strange bodies just moved.

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