Jomund’s Research Notes

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

This book was originally just titled “Research Notes” and was split into three separate notes

Initial findings:

Ore exhibits a faint blue glow. The glow fluctuates, sometimes appearing to grow stronger. Possibly due to being in close contact with another metal. More tests will be needed to determine true cause of the fluctuation.

Thelm insists he’s seen a similar type of coloring on some Ayleid stonework.

Ore seems to attract the frost trolls that inhabit the western sections of the mine. If this ore proves useful or valuable, we’ll need to clear the trolls out of there.


Hard to determine the actual properties of this mysterious metal. It appears to have thin veins of silver running through its distinctive bluish tint.

The ore resonates with an almost musical tone when tapped with a silver tool. An iron tool produced a more discordant tone.

Additional Testing:

The ore is highly resistant to chipping. A few chips were finally produced and ground into a powder. Unfortuately, Thelm destroyed several hours’ work with a mighty sneeze that scattered the blue, glowing residue.

Additional analysis is needed, but I believe that grinding the ore may produce a material that can be used as an alloy in weapon crafting. This will be extremely important if the ore is determined to have some sort of magical property. The alchemist Aleeto will be interested in this. She’ll want to see a sample of the ore immediately.

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