A Tough Audience

Released In:
Author (in-game): Sempronia


I envy you this task, the ultimate challenge of a merchant’s abilities. I wouldn’t give this opportunity to anyone but the most charming and persuasive salesman I’ve ever seen.

Think of the possibilities! No one knows what trolls want, what they might buy, or how poorly they will bargain. And you’re going to find out! They’re not very bright and they usually have lots of stolen gold, so the profits should be enormous! You’ll be renowned for opening a brand-new market for our goods, making us the envy of merchants across Cyrodiil.

Don’t deal with anyone but their leader. That’ll be the biggest troll around. They don’t speak, but gestures, grunts, and displays of goods will get your selling points across.

Best of luck, Foloril—we’re all counting on you! Don’t forget to smile!



Cyrodiil Import and Export Company

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