Ferhara’s Warclaws

Released In:
Author (in-game): Captain Brivan

High Councilor Meriath,

I want to once again appeal to you and the Redoran Council concerning the status and disposition of the mercenary band known as Ferhara’s Warclaws. I urge you to grant me the funds and authority to employ these professional warriors to permanently bolster our forces in and around Balmora. I know that you and Councilor Eris believe that Redoran soldiers are capable of protecting House interests and I agree. But with the continuing need for soldiers in the Ebonheart Pact, I find my resources dangerously limited when it comes to dealing with Daedric cultists, Ashlanders, and other threats to Redoran prosperity.

Allow me to remind you of Ferhara and her impressive qualifications.

Ferhara, a Khajiit warrior who earned prestige and a reputation as a military strategist fighting on the side of the Dominion in the Three Banners War. After serving with honor for two tours of duty, she gathered a band of trusted comrades-in-arms and decided to sell her skills to the highest bidder. Her mercenary band grew and made a name for itself as it worked for merchant lords and nobles from Elswyr to Morrowind. They originally came to Vvardenfell at the behest of House Hlaalu before we were able to secure their services for House Redoran.

Now Ferhara’s Warclaws—an elite band of Khajiit warriors loyal to Ferhara and whoever holds their contract—work for me to promote Redoran interests. Their work in regards to the Ashlanders, for example, demonstrates the importance of keeping these mercenaries loyal to our House. I hope you will agree. I look forward to discussing this in more detail at the next meeting of the council so that we can move forward with a new and more expansive contract.

Captain Brivan

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