Mouth Vabdru’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Mouth Vabdru

An unpleasant conversation with Mouth Saruse today. She informed me that her master requires Master Shelreni to stop directing spies and scrying devices against other house masters. I denied any such intrusions, but Mouth Saruse brushed aside my protests.

More trouble. The Assembly of Masters is considering a new bylaw requiring members to disclose all bargains, compacts, and alliances with any people or entities outside of House Telvanni. I do not know how I will tell Master Shelreni the news.

As I feared, the new rule is designed to expose Master Shelreni’s private dealings. I relayed her denials to my colleagues. Mouth Delvi then called for a vote of censure, which I could not deflect. Master Shelreni will not be pleased.

I received more bills from Alavelis, the Dusksabers, and strange requests from someone who referred to himself only as Blightcrown. I will pay them, of course. Master Shelreni has granted me access to enough funds to cover these expenses. But what is she up to with these different endeavors? And why has she increased security at Tel Baro? The new wards that require a special insignia to unlock seem like overkill to me.

Still no response from Master Shelreni. I must give the assembly some reply on her behalf, but what? They will accept no more denials or delays. She really is making my job more difficult with every passing day.

At last, a reply from Master Shelreni! Of course, it is utterly impractical. She demands a formal hearing of her peers at Ald Isra. I fear she is planning something terrible. But what am I to do? As her mouth, I must continue to do as she instructs and work toward her best interests.

Oh how I wish I was in league with any other master at this point in time!”

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