Travel Itinerary

Released In:
Author (in-game): Lady Anais Velmont

Details of Lady Anais Velmont’s impending tour of Velmont holdings:

Day 1: Board Velmont’s Opulence and set sail for the Gold Coast.

Day 3: Winds and currents permitting, arrive at Anvil. Provincial Governor Forunata has graciously offered rooms at Castle Anvil for me and my retinue.

Day 4: Attend a posh ball at Castle Anvil, I dare say I’ll be the guest of honor!

Day 5: Inspect holdings in the city of Anvil, handle family business.

Day 6: Set sail for Taneth. Make sure to stock up on pirate ale for the trip.

Day 10: Winds and currents permitting, arrive at the port city of Taneth. The Queen of Taneth has graciously offered a small estate for my use during this visit.

Days 11-12: Meet with merchant lords to discuss business arrangements. Negotiate to purchase a new warehouse for expanding needs.

Day 13: Attend a grand ball, hosted by the Queen of Taneth. Be careful not to overindulge on the pomegranate wine.

Day 14: Set sail for Abah’s Landing. See you when we get back!

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