Your Little Friend, Edu

Released In:
Author (in-game): Emeraude

Mistress, I hope this letter finds you well. Your campaign in Cyrodiil has become the stuff of legend, and I do so look forward to your return so that I might hear of your tales of valor.

Your family’s move to the new city of Orsinium has been mostly uneventful, but I dare say that we’ve managed to lose a dear companion along the way. Your tamed Riekr servant, Edu, disappeared on the first night of our journey.

I know how fond you were of him, having spent so much time teaching him the Tamrielic speech and the proper table settings. I recall the time you dressed him up in a gown on Jester’s Day. He was so pretty, for a Riekr! Do you remember the look on those boys’ faces when you tried to sell them “a maiden’s kiss” and presented them with the painted-up Edu? One of them lost his breakfast!

The night Edu disappeared we did hear some chattering near our tents, but the soldiers assured us that it was nothing. In the morning, Edu was gone. I can’t imagine that he ran off, since he had it so good with the family. Perhaps he got lost. In any case, we never found a body.

I’m so sorry for your loss, mistress, but you can rest assured that there’s a chance, somewhere, that little Edu is with his people, setting the table like you taught him.

Your companion,


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