Turn Back!

Author: Karnhar
Released In:


I'm sorry. We should have never come down here. We should have heeded the curse. The things down here, they look like Elves, but they're more like beasts. They leapt on us in the dark. Dragged us to some crypt. To their leader. He was almost like a normal person, until he opened his mouth. To hear him talk about the sinkholes, you'd think it was the end of the world. He kept saying he couldn't fail the Saviors, but we would help repay their kindness.

They had the others there. Still alive, but pale. They had incisions that were barely healed. I managed to unlock our cage, like you showed me, but the others were too weak. I promised we'd come back for them, but I have no idea where I am. Tunnels lead to homes, which lead to streets, which lead to more tunnels. I'm cornered now and I can hear them coming.

If you find me. Run. Choke these tunnels with the sea and never return. Whatever was buried here should have stayed that way.


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