Feyne Vildan’s Diary

Released In:
Author (in-game): Feyne Vildan

28th Sun’s Dawn

Ja-Reet said he’s leaving. Not leaving me, not exactly. Going to Black Marsh. He’s never been there in his life. But, apparently, someone named Fal-Xoc there can help him.

And he told me, haltingly, how he thinks he’s broken. I told him I love him the way he is. That it doesn’t matter.

He looked at me, and asked if it had ever hurt me. I had to nod.

“Then, yes,” he said, “it does matter.”

I cried. So did he. We went to bed without saying anything more.

19th Rain’s Hand

We arrived in Percolating Mire today. There was a house ready for us. For Ja-Reet, really … there wasn’t a bed for me. I was angry at Ja-Reet for leaving what we had together. It’s taken us years to take my father’s slave plantation and turn it into an ethical business. Years to get the community to accept a Dunmer-Argonian marriage.

Here, it’s back to square one. A lizard-woman called me his “friend.” Wouldn’t use the word wife. I called her a name. I don’t think she spoke the language, but she got the point.


The Dominion’s landed in Shadowfen. I worry about the people here. Dunmeri villagers trained for invasion. Here … they’re brave, but unarmed. We’re in danger.

I asked Ja-Reet to leave, but he says he’s making progress. I told him I think he’s fine. He snapped at me that I don’t get to decide whether he’s fine or not.

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