Diary of Climent Noellaume

Author: Climent Noellaume
Released In:

It seems I only just signed on with the Albatross, but it's been more than two years since I saw the great Elden Tree or walked along a forest path in Brackenleaf. To think I might return home with a share of treasure and a King's pardon—my gran won't be able to swallow, her tongue'll swell so big!

And da. He'll see all this "seagoing nonsense" wasn't a waste! I remember the first day he took me to Haven. I think he meant to scare me with the size of the ships and the crashing of the waves, but all I could hear were the calls of the gulls and the chatter of sailors. So much different than the crows and ravens of Valenwood! I took every chance to go to the beaches after that.

But mam always believed in me. Even when I told them I was leaving Southpoint. She cried, of course, because that's what mams do when their sons leave. But she had no harsh words for me.

I hope my share of the treasure has a few gemstones or pearls I can bring back to her. I don't think she's ever seen a pearl.

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