King’s Haven Territory Record

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Our outpost is thriving within the east-west passage. The native inhabitants seem fascinated with our building techniques, but have otherwise kept to their own settlements.

* * *
We have brokered peaceful passage for travelers through the territories of the native inhabitants, shaving considerable time off trade routes from Corgrad to Shimmerene.

* * *
The King has concerns about leaving such an important strategic location occupied by those who have not sworn fealty to the crown. A fair concern. We have begun negotiation for the acquisition of the remaining territory with the tribes.

* * *
The east-west passage is easily demarcated by natural boundaries, but the expansiveness of the underground networks has not been assessed. This may explain the reluctance of the inhabitants to accept the price we've offered for the land. In light of this, the King has generously offered the crags to the east as acceptable for resettlement. The tribal chiefs have agreed to confer on this new proposal, but the sovereign's patience is not infinite.

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