Deet-Loh’s Notes

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Author (in-game): Deet-Loh

Deet-Loh’s Notes: Frog Songs
In my efforts to become the greatest vossa-satl musician in all of Tamriel, I need to find the very best frogs. The nisswo told me that the frogs that frolic around the pristine pool located in the very depths of Vunalk’s ruins produce the most beautiful frog songs in all of Blackwood. I simply must find these frogs and hear their melodies for myself!So far I’ve been able to avoid the various creatures that inhabit these ruins, but I’m surprised I haven’t encountered the nereid yet. I really want to talk to her and ask her permission before I take any of the frogs. If she loves music as much as I, I’m sure she’ll be reasonable.
Deet-Loh’s Notes: Nereid Curses

The ancient nisswo in the Argonian village told me I’d find the happiest, most musical frogs in all of Blackwood within the ruins of Vunalk. He also told me to beware the resident nereid. She’s apparently known for imparting curses on anyone who ventures too deeply into her lair.

I’m sure that once she sees how devoted I am to my craft and how talented I am as a musician, she’ll be more than happy to let me adopt a few of the frogs that live in the ruins.

Deet-Loh’s Notes: The Frog Witch

I’ve been sitting here, listening to the beautiful songs of these amazing little frogs. The nisswo was correct. I’ve never heard anything like it! About halfway through their latest serenade, the nereid rose up out of the pool. She dotes on the frogs like a mother hen. It’s kind of nice to see. She really does seem to love them.

The way she talks to them, the way they respond. She’s more than a nereid. Why, she’s some sort of frog witch! I’m certain she’ll be open to allowing me to adopt a few of these musical creatures. She has so many. I’m sure she’d be all right letting me have a few for my vossa-satl.

All right, let’s go talk to the nereid!

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