Naanurrel’s Logbook

Released In:
Author (in-game): Naanurrel

The storm has lasted four days now and the Gale cannot withstand its battering waves. I fear we will lose the ship and all hands in these heavy seas. I cannot condemn my son to a watery grave, so now I must do the unthinkable. Long ago I learned from an ancient sailor the ritual to enter into a pact with a greater power. Now is my only chance to save my son!

I call upon you now in my time of need! Take my life and my crew but save my son! I offer my eternal servitude to you for this boon!

The offer is accepted. The pact is made. Let Naanurrel become my guide for the drowned dead. So let it be done!

I cannot condemn you to the depths, my son. I must do the unthinkable. I am sorry.

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