Karnhar’s Journal

Author: Karnhar
Released In:

People out here like to pretend that they aren't scared of the curse of this place, but the moment something out of the ordinary happens their true colors start to show. We've lived out here for ages without any trouble aside from waterlogged camps and lean meals. Now that the earth's shifting and people have gone missing, you'd think Daedra were crawling out of the ground to eat us.

Truth's more likely that someone fell down one of those pits and needs a hand. I don't care if the others are too scared, I'm not going to leave good people starve to death in a dank hole because of silly superstition. * * *

Found tracks that stop near one of those sinkholes, so someone definitely took a trip down one. Voluntarily or otherwise. Didn't get any response to my calls and the torch I tossed down guttered out almost immediately. Think I hear moving water, so it must be flooded. I don't trust trying to climb down myself, even if I had rope, but maybe there's another way down there. Water's got to be going somewhere.

* * *
Looks like that old manor slid off its foundation, or something, because there's a wall that's come down and a stream leading right into a natural cavern. Think we'll head down until we find a dry place to camp and keep exploring.

* * *
Found a tunnel leading into a massive open cavern. Think I see some columns or something the Elves who used to live here must have carved out of the bedrock. Looks like that rock's been creeping back to claim it. How old is this place?

No sign of Henrigg or Mindoril so far, but there's another branch down this tunnel. We'll head that way after a good night's sleep.

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