Deciphered Imperial Document

Author: Emperor Leovic
Released In:

[The words of Emperor Leovic, written in Imperial code in 2E577, and deciphered by Beragon in the current year.]

The traitor Varen marches ever closer. The rebel. The would-be usurper. I must complete this document and send it with all due haste to one of my hidden Imperial caches. The secret, started by my grandfather and passed on to me by my father, must not die with me. It is imperative that the Four Ambitions come to fruition. That everything is ready when the time is right. Promises were made. Bargains set in blood and stone. And the Prince of Destruction does not accept failure. Not in matters such as this.

My steward, Farrul Lupus. He has raised me, served me, taught me, indulged me. Now he acts as my confessor as well, hearing every detail of the plan and the secret. He knows the locations where the Four Ambitions have been moved to. He knows where to find the book, and he knows everyone who has been involved in one aspect of the plan or another. He may not understand everything I told him, but he will remember. He literally knows where every part of the secret has been buried.

If I cannot stop Varen the Betrayer, if I cannot restore order to my Empire, then those who remain must carry on. Between your devoted Waking Flame and the knowledge I have passed on to Steward Lupus, you have everything you need to make our Four Ambitions a reality. Do not fail me. Do not fail Mehrunes Dagon.

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