Chodala’s Writings

Released In:
Author (in-game): Chodala

I acquired something remarkable during my sojourn in the wilderness. Thanks to my benefactor, I learned that a group of Nycotic cultists were conducting a ritual to channel unfathomable power into a simple staff. It was easy enough to convince the Red Exiles to retrieve the staff for me. Now Sunna’rah is mine, just as my benefactor foretold!

With the power of Sunna’rah coursing through me, there is nothing beyond my reach! I must step forward and fulfill my destiny—I am the Nerevarine, the savior of our tribes! I always suspected as much, but the power of Sunna’rah solidifies my claim. It makes me fearless, invincible. Let the Houses tremble, let the Tribunal quake in fear, for Chodala the Nerevarine will bring them down and save our cherished traditions.

The time has come to cast down the false gods and restore our lost traditions. The time has come to cleanse the land with a holy war! Then and only then, Morrowind shall be great again.

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