Kal-Eeto’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kal-Eeto

I am so cold. And so hungry. It has been many days and the cut that bluish creature gave me is infected. I must keep a clear head. MUST. I can hardly think straight for fever but I need to open this door.

Skull, dragon, snake, orc? Orc, dragon skull skull kull Orcorc. Dragon snake snake drake orc. pork. beef. potato. Can’t keep them straight.Hungry.

What did I write? I passed out for a while. Eased the fever a bit,

I am so cold, but I only have my mage candles to warm me. Candles! Use them to remember.

There. So tired. this place so big. just rest few minu,,, Blackmarsh home. home.

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