Logbook of Druid Betrys

Author: Druid Betrys
Released In:

Day 1

I, Betrys, Druid of Galen and follower of King Kasorayn, have pledged to maintain the record of our journey to find a new home. I made this promise to Anwas who believed in preserving the story of our exodus and discovery of a new land for the druids.

At one time, I served as handservant to our king. Since landing on this wretched island, I assume that the king has selected another to serve him. After all, there is little I can do for the Druid King from a distance.

I am uncomfortable with writing. It is not something I have a great deal of experience with. My observations may not be as colorful as those written by Anwas, but I shall make an earnest effort.

I start then, not from the day we set sail from High Rock, but instead my record begins today. The day Anwas can no longer fulfill that duty. The day we once more made ready to sail and attempt to catch up with the rest of the flotilla.

Day 8

My apologies for the lack of consistent updates. As I mentioned, writing is not something I am practiced with. We have left the dreaded island behind and sail south and west, following the path of the flotilla. The waters are blue, the clouds a gentle white. Rain showered us earlier, which provided a nice respite from the heat. The others gathered to thank Y’ffre for the blessing. I did not.

Our food stores are more than sufficient. This helps keep morale high. We have spent more than one moon’s cycle on the sea, and many look forward to reaching land. I sympathize. Perhaps this separation is a test that will make arrival at our new home that much sweeter.

Day 22

The waters are still blue. We encountered a storm that tossed our ship a great deal. But no damage occurred and everyone aboard survived. That is all we can ask for at this time.

Day 37

I have started trying my hand at navigating using the stars. I pay attention to what the captain and his crew do to stay the course, and I mimic it. They have taught me a few things, which I appreciate. One never knows when one might become lost and need to plot a course to safety. Keeping my eye on the stars seems my best option.

Day 49

Finally, after much too long at sea, we have landed. The grass here feels so light against my skin, and I love it. The air tastes sweet, especially as I walk inland. We have found the rest of the flotilla, already anchored and established a camp. King Kasorayn watches from a cliff above, removed from his people but observing their progress.

I believe I will strike out on my own. Establish a camp elsewhere on the island. Not out of dislike of my fellows. But I miss one of them a great deal, and I’d like to think on him in private. While this new home shall allow my people to flourish in a way previously unknown, it did not come without sacrifices. I shall feel grateful to them for the rest of my days.

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