Lady Edwyge’s Notes

Author: Lady Edwyge
Released In:

First Entry

This is so frustrating. I'm not asking to recreate the Dragon Break, just to roll back back time a few years. Is that too much to ask? But this book tells us nothing! It's just incoherent Maruhkati ravings on the nature of Akatosh.

Second Entry

We've had a breakthrough! We managed to turn back time a few hours …! As soon as we figure out how to extend it, we can go back and change history. And I shall be Queen of Bangkorai, not that puling wench Arzhela!

Final Entry

We must have done something terribly wrong. We're caught in a time trap—we keep reliving the same few hours over and over again. Any minute now, someone will come in and kill us all to reclaim the book. Then it will happen all over again ….

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