Note to Throne Keeper Farvad

Released In:
Author (out of game):
Author (in-game): Priestess Yazhmeena

Librarian Note:

The “drunken scholar” mentioned in this note is Flaccus Torentius, author of the Emperor’s Guide.


Yesterday I happened to pass by the mausoleum of King Ra Boshek and decided to stop by, as I’ve always admired the Statues of Ward and Warning that guard its entrance. I was shocked to find the crypt in a state of abject negligence. Sand choked the doorway, prayer wheels were faded or missing, and someone had scrawled “Yazhmeena is Indecorous!” on the lintel.

This is entirely unacceptable. Ra Boshek’s crypt is in your quadrant of the necropolis, and I must hold you responsible for this malfeasance. I am well aware that, since that incident with the drunken scholar (may Satakal smite him), the remains of Ra Boshek are no longer in residence in his mausoleum. This is no excuse: the re-consecration of His Majesty’s remains—what the Ash’abah left of him, anyway—is nearly complete, and his Rite of Re-Interment is to take place at Mid Year. I expect to see his mausoleum restored to pristine condition by Loredas at the latest, or you won’t be spending any Fredas nights in Bergama for the foreseeable future.

— Priestess Yazhmeena, High Throne Keeper

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