Letter to Exarch Braadoth

Released In:
Author (in-game): Elska

Esteemed Exarch Braadoth,

I hope this letter finds you as strong and as intimidating to our enemies as they day we met.

I have studied the process you utilize to imbue your magnificent armor and your spectacular body decorations with nirncrux dust, and I applaud your ingenuity and craftsmanship. I truly am in awe at what you have accomplished.

First, Ilthag Ironblood is a master tactician and a remarkable trainer. How he accomplishes this never ceases to amaze me, and I have tried to replicate his process to no avail. I never imagined that trolls and welwas could be turned into servants and soldiers. Adding their power to our forces makes the Scaled Court undefeatable!

Your talented armorer has crafted armor that is lighter, stronger, and literally glowing with nirncrux power. A remarkable achievement that we never would have been able to match without her skill and expertise. Not only was it a stroke of brillance to then equip trained trolls and welwas with the infused armor, but as production increases I look forward to equiping all of our forces with the special armor.

The artistry demonstrated by your runescriber sends tingles up my spine. His designs are hypnotic, and I could swear they seem to move as I try to study the intricate patterns. By adding nirncrux dust to the ink and brands, the magic he imbues in his subjects increases a hundredfold. Remarkable! Combined, the training, the armor, and the body runes make the trolls nearly unstoppable.

If I may, allow me to offer a final ritual that you can employ to make the nearly unstoppable into the virtually invincible. Try it on one of your trolls and let me know if the results are everything I promise.

-Elska, Regent of Fanged Fury

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