For Mathal

Author: Enak-do
Released In:


If you're reading this, then your uncle is dead. I thought the score we needed to get out from beneath Rakhad was in Dune. I was wrong. I thought the moon-sugar and skooma was an investment. I was wrong.

Mathal, he will not stop with me. I've left the house to you and your sister. Get her out of there. Convince her the place is haunted or something. Just get her out of there and sell it. Shuzura has more coin than she knows what to do with, offer her the place at a discount.

Just get Rakhad paid off, and do not tell Kalari. You do this right and your sister will be safe, and never know. Screw this up, and ….

Moons keep you, Mathal

— Enak-do

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