To My Dear Friend

Released In:
Author (in-game): Rada al-Saran


I know that your ceaseless quest to appease and coddle the mortals takes a great deal of your time, but I must insist that you take a brief respite from your work to come visit the great castle we erected in your absence. It truly is magnificent. I firmly believe that when the peace we both seek is realized, Grayhome will stand among the wonders of the world. It will be a beacon of hope for our kind and the mortals who serve us. A grand reminder that anything is possible with hard work and vision.

Your absence is felt here. The Gray Council rules the Gray Host, but your seat at our table remains empty. Even Exarch Ulfra feels your loss, though she would never admit it. Come, my friend. Visit us at Grayhome. I’ve restocked your laboratory with everything you could ever need. I have no doubt that you and Exarch Tzinghalis can complete your research there.

I’ve drawn a map on the back of this letter to guide you to the island. Return to us, Verandis. Return to the Gray Council, to your family, and to your home.

Your beloved brother,
Rada al-Saran

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