Skooma Runner Logs

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

Week 5

L.I. — Completed brewing. Thirty bottles of poisoned skooma, one hundred twenty untainted.

F.D. — Thirty bottles of skooma sent to dealers in Thormar and Arenthia.

Z.M. — Ten poisoned bottles and twenty untainted left for Malabal Tor competitors to steal.

Week 6

R.G. — Malabal Tor scouting reveals potential market expansion, due to distrust of established dealers.

L.I. — Production in Claw's Strike slated to triple to handle new Malabal Tor market

Z.M. — Twenty poisoned bottles scattered through Malabal Tor to further sow distrust of entrenched competition


Z.M. — Up the poison dosage on the tainted skooma, we want the deaths to be horrifying, then they'll buy from us.

F.D. — Prepare for raids on competitor stashes, going for complete takeover in Malabal Tor.

H.W. — Word from Elden Root is demand outstrips supply. Potential market for us. May not need poison or coercion.

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