Gavros’s Journal

Author: Gavros
Released In:

My masters are truly fools if they believe this scheme will make them rich. True, the substance produced by the formula looks and feels much like the rare ebony ore, but it is not ebony and any discerning craftsman will recognize this as soon as they use it to produce goods.

I've tried to counsel Master Rethan on this subject, suggesting it may be wiser—and equally profitable—to instead focus on selling the alchemical concoction itself. Though the formula was exceedingly difficult to translate and requires extreme precision to brew properly, the reagents I require to produce it are not overly rare. I could easily produce large quantities. Imagine my airborne form used as a weapon! It would fetch a fine price.

Master Rethan disagrees. According to him, the buyers don't care if the ebony is false. So long as they can use it to produce goods that pass a cursory inspection they will be happy. Ebony is quite rare and difficult to come by. With us as the source, our buyers should be able to produce passable fakes then close shop before anyone discovers the deception. If a soldier dies on the battlefield because his ebony plate was not true, that's no money out of our buyers' pockets. Perhaps Master Rethan is right. I often underestimate the crude avarice that drives so many of my race. As for me, I am content to study and work with such a brilliant formula. Perhaps one day I will find a truer application for it.

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