Shrine Scavenging Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Up until this shrine, our scavenging trip has been pretty easy. Traveling with Wulusa has been fun. I never realized Argonians had such a sense of humor. And she’s damn good with her twin daggers.

I can’t believe that a simple slip has botched up this venture so badly. My ankle looks like a bloated netch. Stupid of me, for dancing around on the ledge above after Wulusa got the door unlocked. She’s a good friend though. She sat me here, with a potion and some brandy, while she went to find the key to open this main gate. Our research says the crazy followers of the Mad God had another worship room in the back. Key is probably there. She should be back soon. I hope so. I didn’t want to tell her the wound started bleeding again, in spite of our wrapping it tightly. I’m tired. Very tired.

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