Rothondothrin’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Rothondothrin

Dear Journal,

I’m fed up with the monotony of my life. I’m going to compile a list of places I need to visit and plan on seeing at least one per year. I hope it’s possible.

1. Skywatch. I need to start small. Achievable. Maybe put in trips to the North and South Beacons. It’s sad I haven’t even been very far outside of Firsthold.
2. Tanzelwil. This is one of the ritual sites that our leaders must pray at. The historical and cultural value will be worth it.
3. Torinaan. Another ritual area for the Aldmeri ruler.
4. Elden Root. I hope I manage to get there eventually. Valenwood in general is a goal, but seeing the capital of the Bosmer, regardless of how uncivilized they may be, sounds fascinating.
5. Dune. Like Elden Root, the Khajiiti city also holds a fascination for me. If I can make it to Elden Root and back, I can surely make it to Dune.
6. Falinesti. I’ve heard rumors that the city has vanished, but the sites where it lived for the four seasons are still large attractions.

These are just the beginning. I’ll add more as I discover more! And perhaps if the Alliance War ever ends, I may venture out to Cyrodiil and beyond. I’d love to see Morrowind, the land of our dark cousins, and visit Argonia especially. The exotic descriptions of their terrain sound beyond imagination!

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