Letter to Telenger

Released In:
Author (in-game): Namolelcare

My most esteemed colleague, Telenger the Artificer,

It’s with great pride that I send you a recommendation for Vinandalin Aonudar. Vinandalin has proven himself very capable in six schools of magic. He’s excelled beyond his fellow classmates and is ready for the field. I realize you have many candidates to choose from, but Vinandalin would surprise even you if he were chosen to study.

Here in the Firsthold, he’s been promoted from the rank of Student to Apprentice. We’re all very proud of him! I assure you, if Vinandalin were chosen, he would not disappoint.

Namolelcare, Firsthold Hall Steward

P.S.: I hope Meldil is working out well for you, and all is well in the south. Be sure to pass us a copy of your writings on Ezduiin!

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