Look at this Guard Dispatch!

Author: Andarri, Thrag
Released In:

(Five rare Akaviri coins to whoever can guess which city guards wrote this dispatch. —Andarri)

To All City Guards: Be on the lookout for pickpockets. According to our sources, an organized band of ruffians have decided to terrorize certain of our citizens by stealing their "tools of the trade," right out of their pockets and purses! These thieves are going after crafting tools, musical instruments, and even fishing gear!

Watch the inns and the docks most carefully—these areas, while often highly populated, tend to be thin on guard presence. A thief could steal a bard's lute and get out of an inn without ever being spotted, and most fishermen like to find secluded spots to ply their trade. Fortunately, most of our crafting areas tend to be heavily patrolled, but look out for those men and women who like to take frequent "breaks," wandering down alleyways.

(Southpoint. Too easy. —Thrag)

(Wrong. And you're supposed to tell me, not write it down. —Andarri)

(You were "asleep." And I meant Northpoint. —Thrag)

(Still wrong. Thrag is disqualified. —Andarri)

(Everyone is disqualified. She doesn't have five rare Akaviri coins. —Thrag)

(Thrag is triple disqualified. And "Rare Akaviri Coin" is the name of a drink I concocted. —Andarri)

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