Necromancers: A Report for the Queen

Released In:
Author (in-game): Zumog Phoom

Your Royal Majesty,

Aligning myself with you has proven fruitful for both of us. You get an unyielding army of undead at your disposal, while I get an unlimited supply of bodies with which to practice my craft. If only some other visionary ruler had thought to employ my services sooner, think how far the dark arts could have been progressed!

With corpses aplenty and Euraxian mercenaries to command, we have assembled a number of cadaver forges where we can raise and store the undead. Unfortunately, even sites such as the Scar and the necropolis cannot contain all the bodies we need to create the massive army you imagine. We need more prisoners to feed into our forges. My followers eagerly await the next shipment and are ready to process them immediately.

Also, I happily report that the search for the Betrayer’s body parts continues apace. We should have all of the component pieces necessary to reconstruct the Betrayer very soon. I reiterate that the Betrayer is the key to maintaining and securing the continued support of the Dragons.

One more thing: have you issued the order yet to take care of that “problem” I discovered hiding in the wilderness? Mulaamnir and his brethren will be much more cooperative, I assure you, once your assassination squad deals with such a minor though annoying threat.

Zumog Phoom,
Lord of the Dark Arts

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