Letter to Purifier Cyrus

Released In:
Author (in-game): Scout Avaline

Purifier Cyrus, The Order of the Silver Dawn has been compromised! During my excursions to locate the lair of Magnar Child-Eater and his pack of feral werewolves, I uncovered information of a terrible and disconcerting nature. The Magnar Pack has been hunting the order!

I was able to extract tantalizing details from the last werewolf I captured before I finally ended his pitiful existence. He told me, under much duress, that the Magnar Pack had followed another of our order back to the Argent Mine. Even now, Magnar and his pack of brutal savages gather near the mine and prepare to make an assault on the very heart of the order!

Prepare the mine. Bolster our defenses. Fortify the passages. The Magnar Pack is coming! I just hope this message arrives in time.

Scout Avaline

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