Kraala’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Kraala

Noise, noise, noise! I’m drowning in it!

Those filthy Orcs bang iron and saw trees and break stones all day long. On and on and on! And even in my own home, stinking Winterborn wander the halls, coughing and wiping their filthy noses. Unwelcome house guests that stink of old deer hides and rot! They have their uses, but they are few. Too few!

Only the birds give me peace. Their songs rise over the din. And when the racket is drowned out, only the whispers remain. While those sweaty wild-men bumble around in the woods like fools, the birds bring me real information. Secrets. If only I had more birds. I’d fill the skies with them. Nothing would be beyond my reach!

More birds? Of course! What a splendid idea!

I’ll make more birds!

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