Letter to the Grand Chanter

Author: Chanter Nemus
Released In:

Your Excellence, the Grand Chanter,

I must ask again, when can I be reassigned to the Kvatch Cathedral? The shrine devoted to Akatosh here in the Chapel of Dibella is fine, but I must admit to a sense of discomfort among all these Dibella followers. One of the Eight Divines is as great as the next, of course, but my heart and soul longs to be in the presence of the Dragon God's grand palace in Kvatch. Besides, there are so many heathen pirates in Anvil. How the other priests of the Divines stand them is beyond my capacity for rational thought.

I know! If I can aid in the efforts against the Shadows That We Hate, would that earn me a position at the Cathedral? There's that little Nord woman I mentioned in my last two letters. She has opened up to me about topics that would make your blood run cold, your Excellence. Perhaps I can use some of what she confided in me to weaken the Shadows and perhaps even throw them into some confusion. Yes, I'll make sure that the next time we speak, I strongly suggest a course of action that will separate her from her pack. I may even have a use for those Silver Dawn fanatics.

I await the good news that you have finally found a place for me in the Cathedral.

Your servant in Akatosh,
Chanter Nemus

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