Farandare’s Journal

Author: Farandare
Released In:

Finally, the answer! In my dream, I saw the one whose strength will help me complete my quest to bring Falinesti back! Soon, very soon. Perhaps it will be Sundas again.

Sundas. Does the year matter? The month? We first met on a Sundas. And on a Sundas many years later, he disappeared.

I took the pilgrimage to the other Falinesti Sites with the faithful. But I remembered we met on a Sundas at the Summer Site, and realized when the Walking City returns, it will be to the valley.

And of course, I'm right. The cracks between the Summer Site and Oblivion demonstrate how close the city is. Some nights, I can see its lights shimmering through the portals that flare into existence now and then.

We'll be together soon, and the many, many years apart will mean nothing. It will be as it was that Sundas, when I first put my hand into his.Zone

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