Ardia’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Ardia

Exploration of the “Shattered Ruin”

Xigira has paid us well to escort her surveyors through this unusual ruin. Truth be told, I might have come along for free if I’d known what we’d find here.

The Daedric designs are like nothing I’ve ever seen, but disturbingly familiar. They are expansive as well, far more so than they first appeared. I feel like we haven’t traveled that far, but the landscapes within the compound seem incongruous to what I observed from outside the entrance. I should probably draw a few maps along with my notes.

* * *
I knew I should have mapped as I went. Xigira’s surveyors turned on me as soon as they got me away from the rest of our group! I tripped and my cloak tore free, so I bolted. I just need to write down where I go, process of elimination.

* * *
Left. Left. Out the door. Across the chasm. I’m completely turned around. I hear them coming. No time.

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