Magister’s Writ

Author: Magister Therana
Released In:

To the Council and esteemed members of Great House Telvanni

I, Magister Therana of Tel Branora, do hereby request and support the elevation of the slave Argonian, Sun-in-Shadow, to rank within our House. She should be lifted from the slave caste and established as a ranked Hireling as soon as possible.

Sun-in-Shadow has shown great initiative and a capacity for careful planning. Her actions, both direct and indirect, led to the acquisition of a valuable relicÐan item vital to my research. The fact that she accomplished this feat while still in shackles speaks volumes.

The Council is no doubt aware of Sun-in-Shadow's magical aptitude. Despite her racial handicap, she shows great promiseÐparticularly in the realm of alteration and conjuration. Such talent demands cultivation. The House shall profit from her work, I have no doubt.

Honor and Regards,
Magister of the Great House Telvanni
Master of Tel Branora

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