Sanctuary: Weapons Report

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Imperial Sanctuary Chimera

Weapons Report

The six catapults have been seen to. All siege weapons are stored per Imperial dictates.

Awaiting additional ammunition shipments. Some of the fire salts were ruined in transport. We’ve attempted salvage by spreading fire salt canisters along the entryway docks to dry, despite overreactions by some of our squad leaders. They seem to believe salvaging vital Imperial supplies is less important than troop safety.

Speaking of safety, all officers have received a roster of “volunteers” who shall guard Chimera Sanctuary. All volunteers will be notified tonight and taken to the Preservation Room. Any heavy lifting should be completed before then, as the volunteers won’t be capable of anything beyond guarding the facility once the ritual is complete. These deserters will soon realize why their punishment was deferred.

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