Ulf’s Torn Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

… olerable! Could Rayno’s arrogance achieve greater heights? Each time I think it’s impossible, he proves me wrong. Every chance the milk-drinker gets, he pulls his damned lips into a sneer and offers a new insult. If it weren’t for Eo ….

… him down to the ground and wiped that sneer off his face. I told him to get out, this is my village and he’s not welcome any more. I regret ever letting the pointy-eared bugger and his slimespawn settle here. They can all die in the wilderness for all I care. Rayno screamed threats against me, against my family. I would have killed him then and ….

… didn’t return. Must be dead. Pounding is getting closer, louder. Ground is shaking. Sent Eofel and little ones away. Odrama and Lennar stand with me, to face what comes. Rayno peering out from his house, sly face smiling. He did this, whatever it is. If I die here, I’m taking him with me. Eofel will come back when the danger’s past. Bleaker’s Way will survive, with or withou ….

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