Shomae’s Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Shomae

This one came here to find the family esraj, a traditional Khajiiti musical instrument which was last possessed by Elder Haruza. She spoke much of her times here in Desert Wind Caverns before her death, or so says family lore. This one is sad to find the esraj in splinters, but wishes to remain to train in the ways of the Rawlith Khaj. So Shomae will.

This one’s master says to start a new journal for a new life, so Shomae will do that. The best place to focus on this writing is within a nook in the caverns, or so Shomae has found.

Ah, but to have found the esraj in such a state. Sadness. But is it good or bad that it led Shomae here?

Shomae does not know. Our master would state that it is neitherÐthat one must explore this sadness then let it go. So Shomae does.

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