Brigadine’s Journal

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

While the rest of the Ivory Brigade laze about the city, catching cutpurses and pulling drunkards off the street, we're waist deep in muck and getting eaten alive by fleshflies! I'm not usually one to complain. I didn't join up expecting a life of luxury. But this is ridiculous! I don't know how the Argonians stand this place. The swamp air feels like dragging sodden wool through the lungs, the bugs will kill you in a matter of moments if you don't have the proper attire, and there are frogs the size of horses! How does anyone live like this?

It would be one thing if the locals were amicable. I imagine they have a good deal of defenses to make this place less insufferable. But it's clear the Argonians don't want us here. The captain tried explaining to them that we're not here for any nefarious purposes, but I guess negotiations didn't go so well. Our orders are to avoid them as much as possible, and to do our very best not to antagonize them.

Expanding trading routes, they said. It will be a breeze, they said. Ha! Nothing's ever simple in the swamps of Blackwood.

At the very least, we're all bonding. Suffering makes brothers and sisters out of soldiers, as they say. I had no idea Prentus had such a knack for storytelling. And Axilla can belch loud enough to give a death hoppers a scare!

I suppose it's not so bad being out here, so long as I have my fellow brigadines to share the good times and the bad.

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