Journal of Bernamot the Great

Released In:
Author (in-game): Bernamot

And so begins the adventure of Bernamot the Great! As a soon-to-be-renowned explorer, this tome will officially begin my body of work. Scholarship that I am certain will be studied for centuries to come!

Begining with this tome, I will uncover the secrets of long-forgotten cities. I will discover the ancient mysteries that have lain undisturbed by mortals for long years. In short, I will go where others fear to tread and find things that others are unworthy to find.

My journey begins here, in the ancient city of Abagarlas. Lost to time, I discovered this ruined city after extensive research in my father’s library. I alone have the courage to explore this dark city.

I will begin by descending this dark stairway before me. Although the way is dimly lit, and dust fills the air, I’m confident the ancient Ayleid architecture is sound. Onward, to greatness!

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