Minahel’s Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Minahel

See if there are any other druid trinkets that other idiots like Ellorien and Linawys might stumble over. We had to put Ancul to sleep for now. The effect of that relic took him rather quickly. He foolishly touched it up with his bare hands.

If you start to feel strange, leave the chamber. Perhaps walk along the waterline. Fresh air and breezes may help mitigate the effects. We’re working on some things to stave off the worst of the urges this relic seems to cause.

We will find a way to suppress the relic’s power. In fact, we may be close to a more permanent solution to deal with the relic’s effects, but it’s taking some time. Stay clear of the Dreadsails as much as possible. Their regular discipline keeps the effects reasonably in check, but we don’t want to tip the balance before the solution we’re working on can be finished.


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