Fungal Grotto Journal

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Journal, Day 12
I am beginning to think that this endeavor was folly. We have been studying the object for twelve days and I have seen none of the cult’s promises come to fruition. The dark priests have assured me that their rituals will bear fruit if we remain vigilant in our prayers to the dark one. I try to remain faithful, but my doubts increase.
Journal, Day 26

I haven’t eaten solid food for three days. It is the penance I offer the Dark One for my lack of faith. I should’ve never revealed my doubts to Reggr. He went right to Vila. I’m surprised Vila didn’t kill me outright for my insolence and blasphemy. Others in our group have not been so lucky. They tried to hide the bodies, but I saw them. Every one appears to have died screaming.

Journal, Day 32

An intruder arrived today, a priest from a cult of Stendarr worshipers. I am sure more of his kind will arrive when he doesn’t return. We bound him and fed him to the spiders. How he thrashed and screamed as they devoured his living flesh! There was a terrible kind of beauty to it—I couldn’t look away. The power to control such beasts is enticing. I have vowed to redouble my faith so that one day, the beasts will obey my commands.

Journal, Day 40

Oh blessed, glorious day. My faith is absolute. I walk among the chosen, and soon I will be one with the shadows. All of Tamriel will tremble before my power. All praise be to Mephala!

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