Discarded Journal

Author: Anonymous
Released In:


Finally found some work. Molli should be happy to hear it. Haven't worked up the courage to go home and tell her yet. Figured I'd get some drink in my belly first. She'll be glad no matter what, won't she? Even if it's the Vassir-Didanat mine.


Considered stopping this journal, but my mum always said it was good therapy. Had a bad fight with Molli last night. She didn't want me to take the job. Thing is, she doesn't know how bad off we are. Haven't been able to tell her I've been borrowing from the lenders for two months. I need to take this work, and so I have. I'll work the full week, even taking meals and lodging in the mine. I'll have two days off at the end of the week to visit Molli and take her the week's wage.


Not a bad first day. Wasn't at all what I was expecting. Didn't really have to do real mining, though it was hard labor. Boss man apparently found some kind of ruins down one of the shafts. Mining work is on hold and we've all been assigned working a way through the ruins. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't kind of exciting. I wish Molli could see me. A real treasure hunter.


A lot of excitement going around today. I guess they found something in the ruins. I haven't seen anything and they aren't telling us much. They've pulled most of us back out into the mine and have us breaking rocks. Wish I knew what was going on. Middas

Great news. Me and some of the other workers are getting some sort of promotion. No more breaking rocks. They said something about an experiment, and they need good men like me to help. Best of all? They said I can't tell anyone about it. Can't even write Molli to tell her. It's that secret. So it must be good. This is the best job ever.

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