The Faceless

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

He calls my name at night, when the others are quiet.

I serve him. I bring him sacrifices. Only then does he cease calling, for a time. But never for long.

They are easy to convince, greed drives them. “Come with me, to Vahtacen,” I whisper. “Treasure lies there, for the bold to take. A king’s treasure, riches of the ancient Ayleids.” By twos, threes, more, they follow me down to the lake and into the catacombs. To Vahtacen, to Vahtacen. But only I return.

He spares me, bids his minions let me pass, because of the lives I bring to him. So long as I lead hot blood to his altar, I live. But there must always be more.

Come with me, to Vahtacen.

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