On the Purchase of the Alavelis Mine

Released In:
Author (in-game): Shelreni Baro

Kynreeve Ryl,

I purchased a glass mine in the village of Alavelis. Our Hidden Kindred allies will construct an arched gateway there using the mystic qualities of malachite ore, the compounds provided by Prince Peryite and Prince Vaermina, and my own specially crafted spells. This will provide the portal we need to enter Apocrypha without drawing the notice of Hermaeus Mora.

Bring your Dreamcarvers to Alavelis and wait for Torvesard’s signal. Do not strike early! We must secure the relic and the rite before we search for the door from Torvesard’s dream or the Prince of Fate will perceive his peril.

Deal with any loose ends in Alavelis as you see fit.

Master Shelreni Baro

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