Virmaril’s Journal

Author: Virmaril
Released In:

From the Journal of Virmaril, Advisor to High King Durac

How dare the man rebuke me! I have been Durac's friend and confidant for years, and this is how he repays me? Not only has he refused to allow me to marry his daughter, Saradin, but he had the audacity to turn around and offer her to that fool from the forest region, Kestic. And all because I'm not a Nede. He thinks a High Elf isn't good enough for his precious daughter? I'll show him! I'll show them all!

* * *
The council of kings has agreed to meet and consider my proposal. Good, good! The fools! Even Durac still believes I plan to help them against the Yokudan invaders. Their arrogance will be their undoing! Everything is in place within the catacombs for my necromantic ritual. All I need now is the willing cooperation of the High King and his lackeys.

* * *
Everything went exactly as I planned! I am now undead and the council of kings belong to me! And the rest of the catacomb's dead serve as my army! Now, what should I do with my new charges? Perhaps I'll dispatch the Yokudans after all. I haven't decided.

* * *
How dare the Nedes fight against me! They have the audacity to send an elite force to destroy me? Me? How do they really plan to kill someone who isn't truly alive? Like the netch that tries to fly into the heart of a storm, they seek to accomplish the impossible. Well, let them try! I will enjoy the small amusement it brings me.

* * *
I hate Nedic soul magic! These wardens realize they can't kill me, so they plan to imprison me within these catacombs. The impudence! But by making themselves immortal, they open themselves to my influence and power. I will control them! As … soon … as … I … take …. a … short … rest ….

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