Wake Walkers’ Orders

Released In:
Author (in-game): Author:Captain Dolorion

Beastmaster Rodros,

Take a landing party and scour Shark’s Teeth Grotto for a gift that will please and gain us favor with the new commodore. If the rumors hold true, then Shalug the Shark has a good many valuables hidden away within the grotto. Let the Walkers loot what they will, but save anything of particular value and interest for the commodore.

But remember your true purpose, beastmaster. If the legendary creature called Krona Keeba does roam the deepest recesses of the grotto, I want you to tame the beast and bring it to me. I can’t think of a better gift to present to the new commodore than her very own pet haj mota! With such a creature in our possession, we will be the envy of the other pirate ships. The commodore can’t help but be impressed!

Now get to it and find me that creature!

Captain Dolorion of the Wake Walker

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